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What is Hardware and Networking? And Why Hardware and Networking?

Considering the fact that our day to day life revolves around Technology, let take a look at few of the examples such as Personal Computer, Laptops, Mobile, Desktop Computer, Internet and so on. Not only us personally, everyone wants to make their life easier using Technology. The word Hardware and Networking deals with the components which are installed inside the devices which help in processing the job assigned, the components involves a Processor, Motherboard, RAM (Random Access Memory) these would be listed in the internal components there are external components like the Modem, Printer, Keyboards and the latest addition to the list are IOT (Internet of Things) devices, these are considered to be in the Personal Area Network. Where you are connected to the Internet and the rest of the device are on that same Network, rather a simple network where YOU solely are the Network Manager you arrange according to your requirement. Read More..

Here are some manufacturer who led the market in the list of networking devices and components.


Check Point

Palo Alto

According to the devices the Manufacturer have dedicated respective courses below attached are the links.

To check Cisco certifications

The best layout with clear understanding on what’s next,

The career path follows up as

An Associate Certification

A Professional Certification​

An Expert Certification

Check Point Certifications

  • CCSA – Check Point Certified Security Administrator
  • CCSE – Check Point Certified Security Expert
  • CCSM – Check Point Certified Security Master

Palo Alto has the below certification:​

  • PCCET – Palo Alto Networks Certified Entry-level Technician
  • PCNSA – Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator
  • PCNSE – Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer
  • PCCSE – Prisma Certified Cloud Security Engineer
  • PCSAE – Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Automation Engineer